Nu Ren (woman) Glow

Nu Ren (woman) Glow

A celebration of women, mothers, and daughters -- with a Chinese flair!

Nǚ rén = woman in Chinese (main characters of the painting).
The ridges on these main characters glow in the dark for several minutes after being charged by natural or artificial light.

Smaller characters at the top = mother; and to the left = daughter.

The colors used in this unique textured and glow-in-the-dark artwork mimic Chinese brush painting, with its jade green, soft black, and bold magenta pinks.

The textured "frame" surrounding the central part of this painting is completely crackled out and painted soft black.
Deeper, thicker black appears in conjunction with the main characters, giving them a feel of subtle movement: because aren't women always on the go? :O>

In invite you to see more pics and watch the step-by-step slideshow of how I created this piece at:
Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 3/4 inches

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